Ferguson Model TO-20 Tractor Detail – 2 images

Ferguson Tractor Side Detail
Ferguson TO-20 Tractor Side Detail

Born in Ireland, Henry Ferguson produced his first tractor model in 1936.  In 1938 he struck a deal with Henry Ford to produce tractors in America.  The TO-20, shown in this post, began production in 1948 and became one of the most popular tractor models for small farms.  After a troubled break away from Ford, he would later sell his company to Massey Harris, which became the modern day Massey-Ferguson company.

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Ferguson TO-20 Tractor Front Detail

I was really drawn to the detailed textures of the tractor’s rusted old metal and nameplate.  For most warm colored images, I’ll finish my workflow with processing in Alien Skin’s Exposure 7 Kodachrome film emulation.  The result for these images was nice, but I eventually felt they were too saturated.  So, by dialing back the saturation a bit I believe I got a nice compromise of texture and color.  Click on the images to see a higher resolution version from my portfolio site.