Artist’s Statement

A memorable visual experience for the viewer is initially facilitated within the constraints of the framed image space.  I believe a strong composition, will then engage the viewer in thoughtful appreciation and a sense of fulfilment and/or concern.  If I’m successful, the viewer has transcended the physical limitation of a framed image and moved to a potentially boundless and unique experience in fine art.  Though core components of art, my goal is to bring a unique interpretation of the use of light in shapes, patterns, textures, and thoughtful subject matter.

Through the lifecycle of creating an image, I focus first on delivering visually interesting compositions mostly with an emphasis on strong graphic shapes and visually compelling use of patterns.  As most of my work is black & white, careful application of contrast, while maintaining an optimal range of B&W tonality (appropriate of the subject and/or scenery) is critical.

The relationship between the natural and man-made world is currently the primary focus of my work.  Several items in this exhibit are from my Beauty of Decay Collection, which explores both the beauty and consequences of Mother Nature’s slow and persistent reclamation of man’s attempts to control the natural world.  Conversely, I’m drawn towards capturing the harmony between humans and the natural world achieved when we consciously and deliberately \pursue it.  Though sourced from a digital Nikon camera, all images are processed to closely simulate capture and traditional workflows on analog photography film stock.

C. S. Young, Jr.
High Point, North Carolina