Artist’s Statement

Much of my work explores the paradoxical relationship between decaying man made objects and their veiled natural beauty. We are conflicted observers of Mother Nature’s slow, persistent reclamation of human creation. Decay reminds us of our own impermanence and mortality; time slipping away. In abandonment we regretfully speculate as to the circumstances which led to such unfortunate neglect.

Ironically though, there is also intrinsic beauty found amidst rusty relics, patina surfaces and weathered structures. We appreciate the craftsman’s labor of love; our mind envisions the souls who once inhabited these spaces. Giving pause, we can acknowledge wisdom, authenticity and harmony with nature’s inscription of time passed. Acceptance of our transience in the natural cycle of life imbues a strong sense of peace, knowledge and communion with nature. Warm sepia toned hues echo the natural, earthy tones of patina surfaces, while black & white tonality reflects the grays found in weathered wood.

I’m fortunate to live in the southeastern US, which enjoys a wide range of natural landscapes to explore and photograph.  There’s an opportunity to see and learn something new with each backcountry visit.  And, I always look forward to the strong sense of peace, solitude and rejuvenation.  Photography affords the opportunity to capture and share those feelings and experiences through inspiring landscape, natural feature and related subject matter compositions.  These natural themes represent a secondary body of work in my portfolio.

Through the lifecycle of creating an image, I focus on delivering a visually interesting composition, usually with an emphasis on strong graphic lines, shapes, patterns and compelling use of texture. Concurrently, the image must make a statement or infer a story about a subject of interest. As most of my work is black & white, careful application of contrast, while maintaining an optimal range of B&W tonality (appropriate of the subject and/or scenery) is also very important in creating a successful image. Creatively, black & white offers a more heightened awareness of texture, patterns, shapes, tonality and use of dark & light space.

Though sourced from a digital Nikon camera, all images are processed to closely emulate traditional photography, capture, development and processing workflows using current and legacy photographic film stock. For example, on my black white images, I like the moderate contrast boost and fine grain characteristics of Agfa APX 100 b&w film.

Please visit my photography portfolio site – to view high resolution  compositions organized in themed galleries.

C. S. Young, Jr.
High Point, North Carolina