Craggy Gardens Sunset

I felt this sunset from the Craggy Gardens Visitor Center deserved its own post. Setup on my tripod, over the course of 20 minutes, I shot 24, 3 stop bracketed sets, for a total of 72 images. Back during my film days, I obviously would have had to been a bit more judicious and disciplined in the number sets shot. Here I was afforded the benefit to pick the best image featuring the cloud and sun positions, and sun ray impacts streaming through the mountains into the valley.

Craggy Gardens Sunset 1
Craggy Gardens Sunset 1

Post processing includes some dehazing, a little HDR processing, and color correction. Much more to come in future posts of my wonderful visit to Craggy Gardens – so much to see! For the best viewing experience, click to see the high resolution version.

Everyone stay safe!


C. S.

4 thoughts on “Craggy Gardens Sunset

  1. In my film days I would have made all of those 72 frames. Working with transparency film you either had or you didn’t. You made sure that you had it. Today, you can fix most things in the computer. That’s why I made a picture of the urban equivalent of yours in five exposures. It didn’t take much fixing… 🙂


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