Carolina Renaissance Festival: Medieval Merchants

These fair maiden portraits kick-off a series of posts from my early November visit to the Carolina Renaissance Festival. I navigated the festival with my Nikon and Profoto B2 with 2 ft Octa softbox. I alternated between the softbox on a ProMediaGear Boomerang on camera mount and off-camera boom pole mount.

Medieval Merchant 1
Medieval Merchant 1
Medieval Merchant 2
Medieval Merchant 2

Many more to come! For the best viewing experience, click on an image for a high resolution version.


C. S.

8 thoughts on “Carolina Renaissance Festival: Medieval Merchants

    1. Thank you for sharing your feedback! My color post processing workflow usually ends with a Kodachrome slide film emulation using Alien Skin’s Exposure – get provide a nice, subtle boost in warm saturation and contrast. Of course the venue was quite colorful itself. 😎

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