Yellow Thistle Shop of Horrors

When I first encountered these Yellow thistle plants near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, I was immediately reminded of the “Audrey II”, the alien man-eating plant from The Little Shop of Horrors movie.  The plant is a contradiction of exotic beauty and menacing horror. 

Yellow Thistle Monochrome 1
Yellow Thistle Monochrome 1 – Thistle Landscape

Interestingly, the Yellow Thistle’s genus- species name is Cirsium horridulum.  In several states, Cirsium are considered noxious weeds, while others states have designated it as an endangered or threatened species.

Yellow Thistle Color 1
Yellow Thistle Color 1 – Looking at You

In my state of North Carolina, the thistle is relatively common in the coastal plains and is know to initially flourish were the ground has recently been disturbed.  Over time, the thistle gives way to other plants who establish themselves with permanence.  I found evidence of this with numerous thistles thriving along the 2,900 foot strip of land where in 1999, the lighthouse was moved inland away from the encroaching sea.

Yellow Thistle Monochrome 2
Yellow Thistle Monochrome 2 – Alien Encounter
Yellow Thistle Color 2
Yellow Thistle Color 2 – Audrey II

Thanks for “sticking” around for this post! To best appreciate the prickly detail in these thistles, click on an image to view the high resolution version.


C. S.

7 thoughts on “Yellow Thistle Shop of Horrors

  1. I have always found thistle to be attractive and we have some growing on our property. The ranchers hate it … I guess it can make livestock quite sick. I like both your color and B&W renditions!


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