Wisteria Wednesday, Part 1

Love them, or hate them. Right now, we love them! I have removed two from my backyard Japanese water-garden. After they bloom, its a constant battle to keep them contained. In this first installment of my current wisteria study, I’m happy photographing these beautiful, but invasive vines elsewhere!

Wisteria Arbor 1
Wisteria Arbor 1
NC Zoo Wisteria Arbor 1 Monochrome
NC Zoo Wisteria Arbor 1 Monochrome
Wisteria Arbor 1 Oil
Wisteria Arbor 1 Oil

To fully experience these compositions, click on an image to see a high resolution version.


C. S.

7 thoughts on “Wisteria Wednesday, Part 1

    1. Hi John, one of larger well know local wisteria arbors was cut back almost to the ground. It will take years to regrow a structure that blooms profusely with the fragrant racemees – they only grow from “old wood’. Guess this place, like me, got tired of all the maintenance.

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