Demise of the Sum Day

On a half day fishing trip in July, we were heading out on the Little River toward the ocean when we passed this abandoned shrimp boat during low tide at the intersection with the Intracostal Waterway.  I captured several high tide images coming back up the river to Calabash.  A year ago, there was apparently engine trouble and the boat ran aground on Bird Island, near Sunset Beach.  It was later towed to this spot, and then abandoned.

Demise of the Sum Day - High Tide
Demise of the Sum Day – High Tide

Not until I was editing these pictures did I notice the boat’s name – Sum Day.  Ha, not the “Love Boat” graffiti painted on the front.  I then recalled photographing the Sum Day back in the summer of 2015.

Demise of the Sum Day - Low Tide
Demise of the Sum Day – Low Tide

Below are some photos of the Sum Day from my August 2015 Calabash! post.  For the best viewing experience, click on these images to see a high resolution version.

Sum Day Shrimper Bow View
Sum Day Shrimper Bow View
Sum Day Starboard View
Sum Day Starboard View
Shrimp Boat Netting 1
Shrimp Boat Netting 1

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C. S.


9 thoughts on “Demise of the Sum Day

  1. Hi. Maybe it’s just me, but seeing one color picture in a strong portfolio of black and white work is a little disconcerting. I keep wondering if it is how you are saying, “this is the strongest picture.”


    1. Hi Ray, always appreciate hearing from you. In this case, the color composition is my fav. Though I feel most aligned to monochrome photography, there are those compositions where color improves the composition. I still have much more to learn in mastering color😊

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        1. Two ways. If the negs are already made I use an Epson scanner. It does a fairly good job. If it’s new development that I’m not doing, I send the film to a lab in Cali. They develop them, made a contact sheet and scan them. They can scan them at a couple of rez levels.

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  2. Love all your shrimp boat vignettes! You do wonderful black and white work (which I am partial to, personally). Every time I go to visit my in-laws in Alabama near the Gulf Coast, we go pick up seafood from one of a couple places located on the shore of either Mobile Bay or the Bon Secour River. I love photographing the shrimp boats docked right behind the store where they unload fresh shrimp and other seafood. Such wonderful detail in the shrimp nets!

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