Antique Atlas Bicycle Composition Study

This rack of antique Atlas bicycles at Golden Oldies in High Point, North Carolina, was an excellent subject for a composition study.  For each composition, I shot a range of exposures from f8 up to f16. The f-stop and lens focal length used is appended to the end of the title.

Antique Atlas Bicycle 2
Antique Atlas Bicycle 2 at f8, 30mm

The first three compositions were shot with a Tamron 15-30mm lens.  The last was with my Nikon 28-300mm.

Antique Atlas Bicycle 3.tif
Antique Atlas Bicycle 3 at f16, 30mm

I looked up this brand; it’s from India and is one of the top global bicycle manufacturers.  Several of the seats are from the Hero bicycle brand, also a top manufacturer in India.  This suggests these were sold and used in India.

Antique Atlas Bicycle 4
Antique Atlas Bicycle 4 at f11, 26mm
Antique Atlas Bicycle 1
Antique Atlas Bicycle 1 f8, 70mm

For the best viewing experience, click on a image to see a high resolution version from my portfolio site. Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.


C. S.

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