Antique Trellis Abstracts

I’ve been spying the menagerie of antiques outside this cool antique store in High Point, North Carolina called Golden Oldies.  They sell mostly to the international home furnishing industry, based here in High Point.  Last week, I finally found a little time for a late afternoon visit.  These rusty iron trellises were my first subject of study.

Antique Trellis Abstract 1
Antique Trellis Abstract 1
Antique Trellis Abstract 2
Antique Trellis Abstract 2

For the best viewing experience, click on an image to view a high resolution version from my portfolio site.  Thanks for stopping by!


C. S.

4 thoughts on “Antique Trellis Abstracts

  1. When I looked at your excellent images my eyes were drawn to the shadows of the iron trellises. For ME they are the major point of interest of your images at first. With a second look I absorbed both the iron and the shadows. They both are a fantastic pair and create a stunning composition. #1 has a bit of a vignette which makes the iron and shadows to pop. Well done, C.S.! Greetings. Reinhold

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    1. Thank you Reinhold for the wonderful and thoughtful feedback. Agreed! In one of the last steps of my processing I added back some contrast to darken the wall shadows, that’s when I felt the composition “came alive.” Cheers!

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