Old Salem Cemetery Sunset

Last Saturday I shot some bracketed exposures during sunset at Salem Cemetery in the Old Salem district of Winston-Salem.  My intent was to perform some HDR tests with a trial version of Aurora HDR 2018.  I ended up with a composite of Aurora, Lightroom and Photoshop manipulations.   Aurora looks like it could complement my workflow; I hope to do some more testing before my trial expires.

Old Salem Cemetery Sunset
Old Salem Cemetery Sunset

For the best viewing experience, click on the image to view a high resolution version.


C. S.


9 thoughts on “Old Salem Cemetery Sunset

  1. I just purchased Luminar but haven’t been able to get it to work for over two weeks now. I think you made the right decision with a trial of Aurora HDR. Beautiful!


      1. Well, right now I don’t feel Luminar is worth it. Not for Windows. They say they want it to work exactly like the Mac version, but watching a tutorial is only helpful in realizing it was not ready for release. The”instructors” are only using the Mac version and the two are not compatible. Let me stop there or I will just get more angry. I am using it very sparingly but much prefer Topaz. Even Nik!

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