Vanishing American Barns

Reclaimed barn wood is quite popular these days.  It’s used in custom furniture, wall coverings, framing and general décor.  It is valued for its rough-hewn texture and antique character.  One could say it’s better to reclaim used wood than cutting down a living tree.  Generally I agree.  However, the higher demand for antique barn wood has accelerated the decline of rustic American barns from the countryside.  I’m somewhat conflicted on the matter.

Sandy Ridge Barn Composition
Sandy Ridge Barn Composition

13 thoughts on “Vanishing American Barns

  1. It certainly is a double edged sword…On one hand the material is re-purposed and continues to be of use, re-shaped by a craftsman to live a second life. On the other hand the history, craftsmanship, & ingenuity that went into the original structure is lost.

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