Downtown Winston-Salem Cityscapes

Last week I had dinner in downtown Winston-Salem with my photographer friend Owens Daniels.  Afterwards, we both grabbed our camera and set out on a local street photography expedition.  I had so much fun.  We met some nice folks, found some great scenes and Owens shared many of his proven street photography tips.

Artivity on the Green Selfie
Artivity on the Green Selfie

Lessons learned:  

  1. I must do more street photography.
  2. Shoot with a photographer friend.  We grow through shared experience.
  3. Learn how to see without thinking. I’m reading a good book on this now – “Opening the Good Eye”.
  4. Develop your own style.
  5. Don’t be afraid of high ISO!  My D750 higher ISO settings look great, Lightroom does a great job of minimizing noise, and I usually add film grain to the composition in my workflow.
Composing The Garage
Owens Composing The Garage
A Star on The Garage
A Star on The Garage
Sunset from Trade to Liberty
Sunset from Trade to Liberty
What the Heck!
What the Heck!
Finding Free Smokes
Finding Free Smokes

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9 thoughts on “Downtown Winston-Salem Cityscapes

  1. I’ve preaching seeing without thinking for forever.

    When the great NY Yankee catcher Yogi Berra was in a terrible hitting slump, his manager told him to think. Yogi replied, shaking his head, “You want me to hit and think at the same time?”

    The real trick to to making pictures without thinking is in your pre-shoot routine. I could tell you mine, but it won’t help you. Suffice it to say, it includes a lot of espresso, some loud music and sometimes — especially in the heat of our summers — a pre-shoot shower.

    Oh yeah. About ISO. I can’t speak for Nikon, but with my Sony mirrorless bodies, I was told to set them on auto-iso. Turns out it’s much better. Because… even though the ISO might show up as 1600, it is really — in the computer’s brain — maybe 1480. And, that really helps keep any noise down.


    1. Great comment Ray. Years ago, I studied ideas developed by Jose Silva which sought to allow practitioners to leverage the brain’s meditative state (alpha 10 Hz) while awake. Sounds a lot like folks refer to as being “in the zone”.

      Last week Owens and I talked about how photo opportunities are lost. Instinctively you start to raise your camera to your eye, you “see” something. Then, the “thinking” kicks in, and you either lower your camera or over-think the shot.

      Thanks for the tip on Auto ISO, I’ll look into this feature on my camera.


      1. Since we shoot wildlife we use Canon 7D2’s, crop sensors. Many times it makes me step back too. That’s why the 24mm is a good compliment. The good low light of a 7D2 (like full frame) is great outdoors but walking around a full frame would be nice (or mirrorless)


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