Just Play Yourself

I was photographing some outdoor sculptures for a friend when this young fellow walked by and asked if I would take his picture. “Sure”, I said, “just play yourself.”

Street Portrait of Joseph
Street Portrait of Joseph

He introduced himself as Joseph, and mentioned he’d like to make it in the music biz. I wanted the image to be something he could use to promote himhelf.  Perhaps a bit stylized for “street photography”, so I’ll refer to it as a “stylized street portrait.”

Thanks for stopping by today!

15 thoughts on “Just Play Yourself

    1. Great point Ray. It is what it is. Not sure I have good answer. Perhaps it has to do with human need to but things in logical groupings so they can understand and communicate to others. We definitely don’t need a formal taxonomy for genres of photography. 🙂


  1. I love the fact he asked you if you would take his photo, he could see you would do a good job, must have been the way you were holding the camera 🙂 Joking apart, it is a wonderful capture, the light it lovely 🙂


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