Feeling: Finding Another Reality

When I first noticed this scene, I was intrigued.   There was something interesting, but I couldn’t quite clarify what I was reacting to.  So I composed a few shots based on what I thought I saw.  Maybe it was the flowing branches contrasting against rigid brick wall.

Sun, Tree and Brick Wall Reality
Sun, Tree and Brick Wall Reality

A few days later, towards the end of my typical b&w workflow, the composition began to reveal itself.  For me, I now understand the beauty experienced from this composition comes from the way it makes me feel.  Sure, there may be some cool textures, patterns, shadows and contrasting abstract elements.  But these individual elements all seem to combine to create a unique alternative experience, greater than the sum of the parts.  Click on the image to see a high-res version from my portfolio site and see if you have a similar reaction. View full screen on a desktop monitor to get the best experience.

Of course, I could just be full of crap.  Perhaps I’m too close to the work.

I’m gonna go with what I feel, and then what I see.  And I do feel a strong engagement with this composition.  Especially when I don’t try to analyze, but instead just “experience” what it has to offer.  How does it specifically make me feel?  Intrigued, but more than before. What’s more important, is “how does it make you feel?’


19 thoughts on “Feeling: Finding Another Reality

  1. I like this scene very much! And as to what it “makes me feel,” that would be an appreciation and thankfulness for trees. As a background grid for the tree and the leaf patterns, the wall is great, and makes a great composition, with wonderful depth. But imagine this place without the tree, nothing but the stark, boring sterility of modern brick walls and their mind-numbing, inflexible mortar joints. So…Yea Tree! (you asked!)

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    1. Thanks for sharing your reaction and observations. Agreed, and taking your comment a step further, the shadows are a contribution from the tree and position of the sun. Perhaps part of my intrigue has to do with juxtaposition of the ordered (man made brick wall) and the naturally flowing tree and shadows. The other “layer” of interest is the shape of the shadows, which because of the angle of the sun doesn’t exactly match the shape of the tree. I hope you have a nice weekend.

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  2. Awesome image! My approach is: see and feel. I walk and see the world around. When I see something “special” I feel it in my body. Looking at your image I see the classical components of a stunning black and white image. I feel the sunlight, the gentle touch and sound of the wind. It is hard to find locations like that and to see and feel it. You mastered that one up to perfection.

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