Abandoned Dixie Furniture Plant, 2 pics

Dixie Furniture was established in the town of Lexington, North Carolina in 1901.  It eventually became Lexington Furniture and at its peak, covered 9 city blocks.  Global outsourcing eventual forced the closure of most manufacturing facilities in the state.  This post features exteriors of Plant 1, the original Dixie Furniture facility, which was closed in 2003.

Abandoned Dixie Furniture Plant Scene 1
Abandoned Dixie Furniture Plant Scene 1

While processing the images in this post, I was reminded of my former career as a commercial photographer working in several of High Point, NC’s many home furnishing photography studios.  This was between 1986 and 1991.  In these warehouse size studios, dozens of room scenes were arranged, furniture brought in and finally propped and accessorized by an interior designer.  Afterwards, the photographer would light the set, shoot test shots and shoot finals once approved.  Several times I worked on Lexington Furniture catalog projects.

Dixie Furniture Plant Detail Composition
Dixie Furniture Plant Detail Composition

In the early 90’s, I started my own multimedia business and would later go on to produce an interactive CD-ROM for Lexington Furniture’s Arnold Palmer Collection. Working as an IT Project Manager since 2000, I’m slowly making my way back to photography.  I would love to have a look inside Plant 1, but with all the windows boarded up, there is likely little natural lighting to work with.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Click on an image to see a high resolution version from my portfolio site.

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