2016 Lost and Found I

The last part of 2016 has been particularly busy, I just haven’t had time to finish several compositions on my to-do list.  So, as last year, I’ll close out the year on my blog with my Lost & Found series for 2016.   This first piece is an abandoned home I found in Davidson County, NC.  Pretty much hidden from nearby roads, the core structure was made from hand hewn beams.  This suggests this may be a much older home. Thus far, I haven’t been able to track down any history on this old home, but intend to keep looking.

Hand Hewn Log House Composition
Hand Hewn Log House Composition

Happy Holidays!


6 thoughts on “2016 Lost and Found I

    1. Thanks Emilio. I’ve been using this workflow quite often as of lately. I take a lightly sepia-toned b&w with slight transparency and layer it above a vintage Kodachrome color version in PS. Then go back and add just a bit more transparency to areas where I want to bring a hint more color through the sepia.


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