A Resting Place for Rusty Relics Pt2, Two pics

In the early 20th century, large combination harvester and thresher machines “combines” made their debut.  The image below is a detail of what I believe to be an early combine.  The machine was pulled by a tractor through the wheat field, usually in late summer.  The wheat entered the front where it was cut and collected into a hopper.  Next a multistage thresher would first send wheat through a separator; a rapidly rotating sets of blades which separated the grain heads from the straw.

Antique Farm Combine Detail
Antique Farm Combine Detail

Next the wheat heads were beat onto a grooved plate, which knocked the grain kernels from the heads.  The kernels were further sifted to separate any remaining straw and chaff from the kernels.  At the same time, the straw and chaff was blown out to form stacks of straw to be later used as animal feed and bedding.  I won’t take my next ham & cheese sandwich for granted.

Antique Farm Equipment Composition
Antique Farm Equipment Composition

Above is another composition of smaller antique farm equipment.  These compositions emulate a sepia toned print from Agfa APX 100 b&w film with a light blending of vintage Kodachrome color.  Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

4 thoughts on “A Resting Place for Rusty Relics Pt2, Two pics

    1. Agreed. I read there were large protests in England back in the late 1800s when first or second generation farm machines put many field workers in the unemployment line. Thanks for stopping by!


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