Aging Infrastructure: The Martinsville Dam

As they cross the Smith River entering Martinsville, Virginia from the south on US 220, visitors are greeted by this dramatic view of the Martinsville Dam.  Built in the early 1920s, the dam came online in 1924 as a 1.3 megawatt source of hydroelectric power for the city.  Today, it is still used to meet periods of peak power demand.  The images where shot while I was traveling to Martinsville for the funeral of my friend Whitney’s mother. So I’d like to dedicate this post to her mom, Phyllis Carwile Abbott.

Martinsville Dam Composition
Martinsville Dam Composition

All the images in this post were first processed to emulate Agfa APX 100 black & white film using Alien Skin’s Exposure.  The first two also received a light amount of sepia toning.  Finally, the first image was also composited with the original color version to bring some very subtle coloration is select areas.

Martinsville Dam Flood Gates Composition
Martinsville Dam Flood Gates Composition

Thank you for visiting my blog today.  Click on an image to see a higher resolution from the Industrial and Commercial gallery on my portfolio site.

Martinsville Dam Spillway Access
Martinsville Dam Spillway Access



4 thoughts on “Aging Infrastructure: The Martinsville Dam

  1. All of these photos are very nice, but my favorite is the middle photo. I like how you’ve composed it with the railing, the shadows just below the railing, and the dam walls all creating their own distinct lines.


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