Abandoned Bel-Air Drive-In, 3 pics

Bel-Air Drive-In
Bel-Air Drive-In

Once an American icon, the drive-in movie theater is mostly a relic from our mid-20th century landscape.  Their demise is blamed on several factors, included is the exhaustion of cheap and “unlimited” space, the slow and steady decline of the middle class, the evolution of American car culture and the cost reduction & increased quality of home entertainment technology.  Today, like other abandoned buildings, they serve only as a canvas for graffiti artists.

Bel-Air View from Concessions
Bel-Air View from Concessions

I vaguely remember piling in my parent’s station wagon to see True Grit and The Parent Trap at our local Charlotte, NC drive in.  Ok, yes, I’m old.  Of course drive-ins are also a favored backdrop in movies from or about the 50s & 60s.  These image are of the abandoned Bel-Air Drive-In in Walkertown, North Carolina.  It was built in 1955 and survived until the year 2000.  In the image above, two spray paint cans remain on the concessions counter; left by previous site visitors.

Bel-Air Projection Room
Bel-Air Projection Room

Thanks for stopping by today.  Click on an image to see a higher resolution version from my portfolio site.  There, images can be downloaded for personal use starting at $5.


11 thoughts on “Abandoned Bel-Air Drive-In, 3 pics

  1. We still have a drive-in in operation in Las Vegas, believe it or not. But I’ve never been to it, or any, for that matter. My favorite also has to be the screen framed by the concession window. I love the color tone you used and the dense shadows. Also, the two spray cans on the counter add interest and depth.


  2. Such a nice find! I think my favorite is the view from the concessions. You can almost see a movie dancing across the screen! I also really like the chair in relation to the window in your other shot. The shadows cast some drama into the room!


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