Finding Back Road Finds – 2 pics

 Like most photographers, I’m usually up for an opportunity to travel the back roads.  However, when accompanied by my wife and teenage sons, those opportunities become very limited. I can understand how boring it would be to sit in the car while I work a scene.  So, when I travel alone and have a fair amount of time, I look forward to taking the “road less travelled”.

Forgotten Country Store Sign
Forgotten Country Store Sign
I found this scene late in the afternoon on my way back from a recent trip to Charlotte.  Sometimes I can see a subject worth stopping for in the distance and can pull over as I approach.  More often, I’ll pass by and then quickly decide if the opportunity justifies the time and effort to turnaround and go back.  When in doubt, experience has taught me to err on the side of going back to work the scene.  Though usually dependent on the lighting, I rarely come away with compositions that don’t justify further consideration and post processing.
Forgotten Country Store Version 2
Forgotten Country Store Version 2

I appreciate you taking time to view this post.  Click on an image to view a higher resolution version on my portfolio site.

12 thoughts on “Finding Back Road Finds – 2 pics

  1. I should follow your example, about turning back to photograph a scene. Too often, I tell myself that I would get the shot on the way back, but then other things happen and I never did what I had planned.


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