Abandoned Warehouse – 2 pics

This abandoned warehouse sits adjacent to an old railroad track in Albemarle, NC.  The location is adjacent to the large grain silos featured in an earlier post.  Perhaps this warehouse was once used to store and load grain for rail shipment.

Abandoned Warehouse Scene 1 Version 2
Abandoned Warehouse Scene 1 Version 2

After my usual post processing to emulate Agfa APX 100 b&w film stock, I decided to try something new by applying a subtle sepia tone to each image.  The original color image featured an impressive variety of rust colors ranging from yellows, to oranges, to reds.  So, in the final processing step, I added back a small amount of color (in select areas) to the subtle sepia version.  This final idea came to me in the shower this morning.  I am pleased with the results and perhaps a bit cleaner too; hope you like it as well.

Abandoned Warehouse Detail Version 2
Abandoned Warehouse Detail Version 2

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28 thoughts on “Abandoned Warehouse – 2 pics

    1. Thanks Reinhold for your generous feedback, that means so much coming from such a talented photographer such as yourself. I’m experimenting to find the right balance between the finished b&w and some additional subtle processing.

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  1. Adding colors in this non-typical way brings out emotion…a rainy day feeling. I myself like to desaturate almost to BW, leaving some color…it’s great to experiment with these things that are so often taken for granted.

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    1. Agreed, I hope to take more time in the future to experiment going., after a while, I suspect you get a good idea where a particular styling works and doesn’t work. Thanks for the comment and stopping by.


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