Winston-Salem Demolition Scene Detail

Demolition Scene Detail
Demolition Scene Detail

I origionally intended for this to be a color image.  A Kodak Ultra Color film emulation offered the best final polish for the image.  Before publishing, I thought I should have a look in b&w.  I ended up starting over with a b&w workflow.  Glad I did, I feel this one has more impact.  Hope you like it too.




9 thoughts on “Winston-Salem Demolition Scene Detail

    1. Great question Ray. Like you, for years I had my fingers in developer, stop bath, and fixer. If I did shot in film, I’d still have to scan negatives. I admire the folks that do shoot in film. Perhaps when I retire and can do photography full-time. The guys at Alien Skin are in Raleigh, they do a great job with their emulation software Exposure.


      1. Why would you have to scan negatives? One of the things I just recently completed was a new darkroom. The last darkroom was pretty much destroyed in the flooding which followed Hurricane Katrina. I know that the pictures I make there will likely never be shown online. But, to me, the whole point of photography is to put something on paper. The cool thing right now is that you can buy anything film for next to pennies on the dollar. Since I pretty much have to produce material on digital formats these days, this has sort of become a hobby.


  1. I come from the days of film, and smell. I use a film emulator (Agfa) since that’s what I shot in the past. Now I can take hundreds of photos, and see what I like ASAP. Why would you go back ?


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