Winston-Salem Downtown Architectural Abstracts – 3 pics

Wake Forest Biotech Place Abstract
Wake Forest Biotech Place Abstract

Recently, I started a new IT Project Mgr gig in downtown Winston-Salem.  While the last several posts have featured abandoned and rustic scenes, this port features some cool architectural features from the downtown area.  The image above was captured at sunset, the building features cool textured bricks which have a glass like finish.

Winston-Salem Architectural Abstract 1
Winston-Salem Architectural Abstract 1

In the center of this composition is the old R.J. Reynolds Building, which served as a prototype for the Empire State Building in New York City.  Each year, the staff of the Empire State Building sends a Father’s Day card to the Reynolds Building staff.  It is currently being refurbished as hotel, restaurant and will also offer 700 – 1000 sq ft apartments.

Linden Building Abstract
Linden Building Abstract

The three glass planes of the Linden Building make for an interesting multi-dimensional architectural abstract composition.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.  You can see a higher resolution version on my portfolio site by clicking on the image.


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