Causes of Neglect – Scene 4

Let’s take a look at the next root of neglect – economic dislocation.

Neglected Building Scene 4
Neglected Building Scene 4

To differentiate from stress related distraction in my first post, here the context for dislocation is where an abrupt, forced change becomes the primary result of an event or action.   Globalization seems to be a commonly referenced driver, where manufacturing has moved offshore to pursue cheaper labor costs, leaving vast industrial and even residential wastelands in developed countries.  Hey, didn’t we know there’d be a consequence to the “everyday low prices” at Walmart?  Other factors include the rise and fall of the real estate market, industrial automation, obsolescence, and natural disasters.

A few words about this image.  Subtle digital burning and dodging in Lightroom was applied to embellish and emphasize the natural lighting.  Though somewhat a busy composition, I’m very pleases with multi textures, shape and broad tonality.  I finally tweaked my standard Agfa APX 100 b&w film emulation filter preset in Exposure 7 as the last stage in my workflow.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.  You can click on the image to view a higher resolution version from my portfolio site.


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