Bailey Power Plant Part 1 – 2 pics


Originally built as a tobacco plant in 1906, the Bailey complex was acquired by RJ Reynolds in 1923.  RJR converted the property into a coal-fired power plant providing electricity and steam to its nearby manufacturing facilities.  Now part of the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the plant is being converted to a 100,000 plus square foot mixed use commercial property.

RJR Baily Power Plant Bridgeway
RJR Bailey Power Plant Bridgeway

In the meantime, there are so many photographic image possibilities at this current location.  I’m working on getting permission to go inside the perimeter.  So far I’ve been turned down, but hope to get an opportunity soon to shoot up-close.  The color image was processed to emulate Kodachrome II slide film, while the black & white, Agfa APX 100.

RJR Baily Power Plant Smokestack
RJR Bailey Power Plant Smokestack

Thanks for visiting my blog.  You can click on an image to view a higher resolution version from my portfolio site.

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