Causes of Neglect – Scene 2

In my previous post, I started a conversation about the causes of neglect.  The next cause is indifference.

Neglected Building Scene 2
Neglected Building Scene 2

I can only comment about what I know about myself and perceive in others.  It seems there is often something of greater importance, which focuses attention away from things that once had significance.  Most troubling is when we just don’t care, because it’s more convenient than to put even a small amount of effort forwards maintenance.  I do believe there is also some degree of ignorance at play.  Some folks did not have the opportunity to “learn” the value of property.  They didn’t have to invest their blood, sweat and tears; or perhaps their highest priority has always been where their next meal would come from.

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2 thoughts on “Causes of Neglect – Scene 2

  1. I find it always highly irritating, when property or machines are just left somewhere to rot… I am from the countryside of Germany and used to working long hours in the stables, taking care of things and helping in maintenance… I think I have spent several weeks of my life on meadows repairing broken fences, building new ones or taking care of the machines we had… And I know that most people of my generation would call me insane for thinking that this actually helped me in life… I know how much something is worth, how hard you can work for your money and how shitty it sometimes is. I always cringe when people neglect useable and totally OK stuff, just because it is easier instead of repairing or selling it… If you are unable to use it, let someone else have their chance…
    But anyways… Your pictures of decay are always wonderful…


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