Causes of Neglect – Scene 1

The dictionary definition of neglect is to fail to give the proper or required care and attention to somebody or something.  In context to this dilapidated building, I will briefly look at the causes of neglect over the next several posts. The first reason is stress driven distraction, where there was little or no control over the stress related event.

Neglected Building Scene 1
Neglected Building Scene 1

When I am photographing abandoned buildings, my first thought is perhaps the owner ran out of money or became sick.  As a result, they no longer had the financial resources and/or physical ability to maintain the property.  Their circumstances became debilitating, they began to detach from things they once perceived as most important.  Wouldn’t they just sell the property, or pass management over to someone else?  Well, it’s likely not that simple.  I believe the answer lies in the other related reasons we neglect; to be discussed over the next several posts.

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