Suburban Travel Inc.

An abandoned building in Albemarle, the county seat of Stanley County, North Carolina, caught my eye while traveling through the lower tier of the state this weekend.  After processing in Lightroom & Photoshop, I finished with some tweaks to an Ektachrome 100G slide film emulation filter in Exposure 7.

Suburban Travel Inc.
Suburban Travel Inc.

Click on the image to view a higher resolution version from my portfolio site.  Thanks for visiting my blog!


2 thoughts on “Suburban Travel Inc.

  1. Great capture and nice processing appropriate to the subject. Your choice of ‘finish’ lends itself well to the overall feeling of abandonment. Nice tight framing and the POV gives the feel of large scale urban dereliction. It makes me want to read more of the back-story. Which is?


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Good question on backstory, unfortunately I was briefly passing through this town on a trip to visit family. The sign on the front referenced “autos”, I suspect it was a travel agency prior. I do feel the theme is consistent with the transient nature of our attempts to bring order to the modern world.

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