On Wood On Wood – 3 Pics

This post features the juxtaposition of wood in it’s natural state (trees and shrubs), with wood harvested, shaped and re-purposed by mankind.  Like animals, plants evolved over millions of years to become complex organisms.  Long, elaborate flowing wooden structures extend underground to collect water & nutrients, while similar structures spread out to support a vast canopy of energy processing foliage.

Fallen Tree On Shed
Fallen Tree On Shed

Inside the bark and living tissue layers is the dead xylem, plugged with hardened resins & gum, the remnants of previous years growth.  As the plant grows, this “heartwood” has the structural properties required to support the load of a vast network of branches and foliage.  These same proprieties make tree trunks an excellent building material for man-made structures.

Tree and Shed Composition
Tree and Barn Composition

We’ve learned to cut, shape and treat wood to maximize it’s utility, durability and beauty. We also developed and leveraged principles of structural engineering to further extend the usefulness of wood as a building material.

Shed Frame Composition
Shed Frame Composition

Home design magazines beautifully portray grand wooden structures harmoniously integrated into the natural landscape. Alternatively in this post,  I hope to contrast the regenerative natural landscape with the transience of abandoned man-made wooden structures.   Much effort is required to create & maintain a perceived right-brained order in our modern world.  However, the natural world always uses the laws of nature to govern an inevitable outcome.

All images were processed in Lightroom & Photoshop, and finished with a Agfa APX 100 black & white film emulation in Alien Skin’s Exposure 7.  Click on an image to view a higher resolution image from my portfolio site.

10 thoughts on “On Wood On Wood – 3 Pics

    1. Thanks, you’re welcome! The effort last weekend on the image processing and writing was exhausting. I wish the writing came easier! Glad you like it. You definitely have a great talent for accompanying great images with great prose.

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      1. Well, thank you sir. 🙂

        This prose of yours doesn’t necessarily feel like it was written with difficulty — and I consider that a very good thing.

        Enjoy the fruits of your labor and rest up … Thank you for sharing what you do with us!! 🙂

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