The Irony of Beauty in Abandonment & Decay

Last Sunday afternoon, I decided to visit the abandoned Willard Dairy Farm again to photograph some interior shots.  The bottom floor didn’t offer much opportunities with the current lighting, but the upper loft and roof sure did.

Willard Barn Interior 1
Willard Barn Interior 1

Winter storm Jonah had just left 2 to 3 inches of snow an ice in the area.  Inside the barn, melting snow dripped profusely, it was vritually raining all around me..  Shooting up towards the roof, it was difficult to find a spot where my camera lens would not get constantly dripped on.  With some patience and good luck, I was able to capture some interesting compositions.

Willard Barn Interior 2
Willard Barn Interior 2

Seeing the structural complexity in the roof of this old barn, I was compelled to think of all the work effort, materials and cost that when into it’s construction.  It must have been quite exciting to see this grand barn take shape during construction.  From inside and out, it’s easy to imagine how splendid it must have been appeared in it’s peak condition.

Willard Barn Interior 3
Willard Barn Interior 3

I’m therefore saddened to see the consequences of neglect and abandonment. For many different reasons, most things we build have a limited amount of usefulness.  At some point, the perceived value of our creation is not worth the effort required to maintain, as the slow but steady tide of decay, wrought by Mother Nature, takes it’s toll. Yet amidst the peeling paint, rusted metal, rotting timbers and encroaching vegetation, there is beauty. Here lies the irony of beauty in abandonment and decay.


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