2015 Lost & Found IV

Willard Farm Rear View
Willard Farm Rear View

I’ve been experimenting with techniques to transform color images into a light painterly effect.  The removal of color in a black & white image enables more attention to texture, shapes, patterns and tonality.  Similarly, by removing detailed information from color images, other aspects of the composition are elevated.  In this image, I believe warm color tonality and the soft architectural shapes contribute most to this composition.

My workflow started with standard processing in Lightroom, and then the addition of a few painterly effects from Filter Forge and Alien Skin Snap Art.  Next, these images, along with the original from Lightroom, we all composited in Photoshop.  The final treatment was the application of a vintage Kodachrome film emulation and final color and contrast tweaks.   You can view a higher resolution version from my portfolio site by clicking on the image.

January 16 Update:  A great photographer I follow, Denise Bush, was curious to see before and after of the processing used in this post.

Here is the original image with some initial processing:

Willard Farm Rear View - Initial Processing

The final image with the additional treatments mentioned above:

Willard Farm Rear View

7 thoughts on “2015 Lost & Found IV

    1. Thanks Linda, I’ve enjoyed viewing your painterly post processing of photos. As a real painter I suspect you have an appreciation and understanding of the filter tool sets.


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