Joe’s Groceries

Joe's Groceries
Joe’s Groceries

This sign is part of a Kroger grocery store built in 1954. The building now lies abandoned on Patterson Ave near downtown Winston-Salem, NC.  The shape of the sign was likely influenced by the Googie style of architecture, which was very popular in the 50s.  Googie was characterized by upswept roofs, geometric shapes and bold use of steel, glass and neon.  The style represented the country’s fascination with space travel and atomic energy.  I couldn’t find additional history on this structure, but the last occupant appears to have been a local grocery store named Joe’s, which served the old North Winston neighborhood around Patterson Ave back in the day.

2 thoughts on “Joe’s Groceries

  1. When it was still a Kroger, my father was its last manager. If I remember correctly, it closed in the late 70’s but I’m not sure of the Joe’s Fine Foods history.

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