Smokestack Landmark

Smokestack Brick Composition
Smokestack & Brick Composition

This old building is near downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  It’s large smokestack catches your eye from Highway 52.   One afternoon I decided to take the nearest exit and have a look.  The location has a lot of character and photographic opportunities. In addition to the smokestack, the facility has an old railroad trestle and tracks adjacent to the main building.  There is also a large iron structure supporting what may have been a water tank.

Crossway Window Abstract
Crossway Window Abstract

I’m pretty sure this is an old Sara Lee textile facility.  Thus far I have been unable to find any history online.  Hopefully, I’ll have more background information on this great location in a future post.  I’m excited about the great architectural features, shapes and textures in this first set of images.  Hope you enjoy as well.

Water Tower Abstract
Water Tower Abstract

2 thoughts on “Smokestack Landmark

    1. Thanks Denise for your kind comment. Yep, Sara Lee became quite the conglomerate back in the late 1900s. They bought Hanes Mills and several other apparel companies in the 70s & 80s. In 2006, they spun off all their apparel business as Hanesbrands, which is where I work today.


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