Old House on Old Greensboro Road

Old House on Old Greensboro Rd, Rearview
Old House on Old Greensboro Rd, Rearview

A few weeks ago, I ventured out into Davidson County to locate an old house seen months earlier on Old Greensboro Rd. Though rain was in the forecast that day, it had only appeared briefly as a light shower.  The  sky was thick with gray billowing rain clouds,  I knew the clouds would complement any exterior shots of the house, and also knew more contrast in the clouds could be extracted with a little post processing.  When I found the house, it appeared I would have time to shot a series of this house before it rained again.

Old House on Old Greensboro Rd,Left Sideview
Old House on Old Greensboro Rd,Left Sideview

Interestingly, there were a few signs the previous inhabitants had started refurbishing the front of the house, but apparently had given up .  Perhaps they felt the house was too far gone to continue with restorations.  This seems to be a common decision that leads to abandonment.  If only the house had been incrementally cared for in past.

Old House on Old Greensboro Rd Interior 1
Old House on Old Greensboro Rd Interior 1

The best compositions turned out to be the left side and rear of the house.  Here I found little sign of restoration, decay had firmly set in.   As expected, the rain clouds added to the mood of the composition while also providing textural and soft shape contrast with the house. I felt the interior image turned out quite nicely.  To me, the light itself is the subject here.  It softly spills through the decrepit window onto the aged wooden floor, ceiling and barely the wall.  The room lies empty except for a few objects, which add visual interest and clues about the former inhabitants.


8 thoughts on “Old House on Old Greensboro Road

  1. I always look at abandoned houses and wonder what happened to the folks that lived there in time gone past – their hopes, their dreams, why they left the house and what happened with their lives. Great photos.


    1. Yes! When I’m photographing these old places, I also speculate about the folks who once lived there. Considering the departed memories and all the effort that went in to building and paying for these homes, it’s sad to see them succumb to neglect and decay.


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