Decay on Hwy 421

Color on Decay on Hwy 421
Color on Decay on Hwy 421

Last Tuesday while attending a local exhibition opening reception were several of my pieces were featured, I had a nice conversation with a painter also being exhibited.  While admiring her paintings, I mentioned my interest in experimenting with a mashup of a photograph and art filter processed version of the same image.

Well this weekend, I finally got around to trying out what I had envisioned.   I started rummaging through some photos taken of an old house on Hwy 421 near Sanford, NC in November 2014.   Back then, a few architectural detail shots did end up in my portfolio, but the other images from this shoot were mostly ignored.  They were dark and dingy, and seemed to have little potential.

Decay on Hwy 421
Decay on Hwy 421

After a few of my standard workflow adjustments, this bold, vibrant image appeared.  I was quite excited!  Next, several versions of the image were processed using some of my favorite filter plugins for emulating painterly effects.  I ended up composting the filter effect “painted” image between the original and a black & white versions.  After much experimentation and tweaking, I feel I’ve gotten nice reference for further work.  It seems the overcast, low contrast lighting worked well in this experiment.  Another good lesson was learned; as I continue to gain more experience and knowledge, I’ll likely find other undiscovered gems buried on my hard-drive!

Click on each image to see a higher resolution version on my portfolio site –  As always, I’m very interested in hearing your feedback and comments.


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