Hammock’s Beach State Park

Bear Island is a short ferry ride from the launch at Hammock’s Beach State Park in Swansboro, North Carolina.   It’s also part of the Boque Banks, just south of the better known Outer Banks.  The ferry approaches the mainland side of the island through a vast estuarial marsh. A 3/4 mile trek to the seaward side of the island takes you through dense scrubs and tall dunes.  Along the way I came across a beautiful windswept live oak tree.  A cold front brought large dramatic, thick cloud formations.  With all the beauty and drama already in place, a group of passing pelicans added a nice touch to an already spectacular image.

Bear Island Live Oak Landscape
Bear Island Live Oak Landscape

Northeast of the park, the historic White Oak River empties into the Atlantic.  Visiting the area last weekend with my Scout Troop, we camped at Cedar Point Campgrounds near wetlands at the mouth of the river.  I captured the image below the in the marshes just behind our camp area.  The trees offered an interesting shape with contrasting limbs and trunks against a dense backdrop of pine, undergrowth and grasses.  Careful processing of the tone curve created a nice extended range of tones.  Larger versions of the images can been seen on my portfolio site by selecting the image.

Cedar Point Marshscape 1
Cedar Point Marshscape 1

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