Junkyard Tire Heap

Last Friday I took a few black & white prints to C&D Salvage to show my appreciation for allowing me to take photos in their salvage yard last April (see my earlier Auto Salvage Graveyard posts).  Of course I brought my camera on this visit as well.  Again, I asked for permission to take pictures.  I only had about 40 minutes to shoot, as they would be closing soon.  I returned to the same area were the older cars are located.  Unfortunately, the weeds and brush had pretty much consumed the area.  I’ll have to wait until the winter to get more shots of antique cars.

I continued on towards unexplored parts of the site.  As I was about to run out of time, I saw a large heap of tires with a few wrecks thrown precariously on top of, or into the middle of the pile.  The vehicles were light-colored which provided quite a bit of natural contrast with the darker tires.  On a related note, one of the visually interesting aspects of the compositions in this post is the broad range of dark to middle gray tones seen in the tires.  Turns out tire manufactures add carbon black to tires to help protect against dry rot caused by UV damage.  Over time, the carbon black starts turning gray as it absorbs the UV in an effort to help protect the rubber.  An interesting tidbit from the Auto Salvage Graveyard.

Click on an image to see a higher resolution image on my portfolio site.

Top of the Heap
Top of the Heap
Wreck in a Heap of Tires
Wreck in a Heap of Tires

4 thoughts on “Junkyard Tire Heap

  1. In my book, you can’t go wrong with shots of old cars or trucks. I have no idea why I am fascinated by shots like this as I know nothing about cars. Or trucks. Except how to drive them.

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    1. Thanks Emilio. I’m have a working theory about my attraction to abandoned and antique objects. It has to do with the beauty found in decay. The Japanese have put a finer point on it in their cultural aesthetic Wabi-Sabi. I hope to post more about this subject in the future. Happy New Year Cheers!


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