Cumulus in Colfax

Last weekend the Carolina sky was full of big, thick cumulus clouds. After an errand at the local farmer’s market I headed into the country side just north of Colfax. After driving around for a while, I found this big open field with an old horse shed and large open sky behind ― Shed, Field, Clouds.

Shed, Field, Clouds
Shed, Field, Clouds

The midday sun put much of the barn’s front facade in a deep shadow, which helped create additional contrast with the field of grass and sky. In addition to the beautiful clouds, I like how the light shaded plant in front of the barn is echoed in reverse by the trees on the ridgeline. I used my current Agfa APX 100 goto filter for post processing photos in black & white. The grain structure in this filter gives a subtle, fine grain look and a nice gentle boost in contrast.

Red Wooden Door on a Tin Barn
Red Wooden Door on a Tin Barn

In an earlier trip through Colfax, I drove by a tin covered barn with red painted wooden doors. On several occasions, I’ve thought about returning to take pictures.  Well finally I visited the location and was able to compose a strong graphical composition in black & white with the color left in on the red door.  I used the same Agfa post processing filter on Red Wooden Door on a Tin Barn.

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