Auto Salvage Graveyard – Part 2, Lost Stories

Everyone and everything has a story.  Considering the automobile is so tightly integrated into American culture, it’s easy to associate a car with a unique story-line.   Outside the inherent utility of transportation, there is also the car/driver relationship.   Here, driving becomes a real and tangible experience; repeated and built upon over time.

50 Ford Skull
50 Ford Skull

In the spring of 1982, I purchased a rusty but sturdy 1967 Pontiac LeMans for $200.  Later that summer, my friend Mark and I visited a local junkyard in Raleigh; first to acquire a water pump, and later to get a radiator for my LeMans.   Surplus parts from the junkyard kept me and my LeMans on the road and contributed to a great summer of 1982.

Volvo P1800 Relic
Volvo P1800 Relic

While photographing at the C&D Salvage location in China Grove, NC, and afterwards while processing images in Lightroom, I would think about the lost stories and perhaps lost souls represented in each graveyard relic I photographed. The images portray a kind of weathered monument to a time when the car was once shiny, new and admired.  I also couldn’t help but to also loosely associate these old cars as automotive equivalents to organ donors.  They gladly gave up spare parts to make other cars whole again.

I would encourage viewers of this post (and the previous one) to both hopefully appreciate the visual characteristics, but to also imagine what the story could be for each of the subjects in the Auto Salvage Graveyard.

Excavator Resting Place
Excavator Resting Place

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