Auto Salvage Graveyard

While traveling to Charlotte on I-85 not long ago, I noticed what seemed to be a large junkyard through the trees, just past the China Grove exit.  It occurred to me, subjects from this location could be an interesting addition to my The Beauty of Decay collection.  A few weeks later I located C&D Salvage & Garage in China Grove, introduced myself as a photographer and asked for permission to take some pictures.  I was given only 30 minutes to shoot, perhaps I looked a bit suspicious. Asking directions for the oldest part of the site, I was quickly on my way.  The sky was perfect; it didn’t take long to find numerous potential fine art subjects.  Fine art from a junkyard, ha!

Gold Sedan, Blue Sky
Gold Sedan, Blue Sky

I’m still researching the make of the car in Gold Sedan, Blue Sky. I knew immediately this was going to be a great shot.  At 11:00 am the sun was still low enough to provide some side lighting.  The low shooting angle and wide angle lens adds visual interest.  I processed the image to emulate Kodak Ektachrome slide film.  With this processing, the image picked up a bit more vibrancy & warmth.

A few rows offer I found a black 58 Chevy Bel Air — 58 Black Beauty.  In its day, these were magnificent family sedans.  A low shooting angle shows this old Bel Air still maintains most of its elegant lines, while the peeling paint and rust make for a different kind of beauty.  The image was processed with a Agfa APX 100 filter.

58 Black Beauty
58 Black Beauty

A six foot high pile of rear axles (Rear Axle Salvage) makes for a chaotic but impactful composition of shapes, textures and shadows.  This image was also processed with a Agfa APX 100 filter to give a little extra contrast and old school film grain.  Click on an image to see a higher resolution image from my portfolio site.  Click on the date of this post to like and leave a comment.  I’m would love to hear your feedback.

Rear Axle Salvage
Rear Axle Salvage



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