This Ole House – Part 2

Scary House
Scary House

For the past few months I’ve been stalking out an old abandoned brick house on Union Cross Rd in Walburg, NC.  Most of my old house subjects have been wooden structures. The weathered brick and encroaching vines in this home made things visually a bit more interesting.  In my first few visits, I was hoping for more dramatic lighting to capture the east side of the house. Eventually, I captured the Scary House image on a cloudy late afternoon in early March.    After working with this image in Lightroom, I went to Alien Skin’s Exposure 7 to find color film filter to add a touch more drama.  I ended up with the Fuji Pro 160C film emulation filter with a slight bump in exposure to compensate for the crunched contrast effect.  Pretty scary, eh?

Rustic Entrance
Rustic Entrance

Around to the front of the house, at the front door, I found this cool door knob composition — Rustic Entrance.  The brass door knob and metal plate behind it offer an interesting example of contrasting textures and shapes.  Click on the image title or image itself to see a more detailed image from my portfolio site; notice the detail in the door knob and metal plate. The Clarity feature in Lightroom was helpful in optimizing this effect.

The weathered wood and peeling teal paint also add visual interest to the image.  Another encroaching vine appears as another reference to Mother Nature’s claim on this old house.  Here, I used a modern Kodak Kodachrome 25 emulation filter in Exposure 7 to make the textures pop a bit more.

Forgotten WIndow
Forgotten WIndow

Back on the east side of the house, one of the first floor windows was almost completely hidden behind dense shrub overgrowth and a fallen tree limb.  Pushing through the shrubs, I found the composition shown in the Forgotten Window image. Here the broken window glass, electrical wire and wooden board provide visual counterpoint to the strong rectangular shapes and patterns in the front plane of the composition.  Through the window, into the room lies a metal mattress frame and open door on the back wall leads back outside.

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