This Ole House

Since I was a kid, old abandoned houses have always caught my eye.  I’m driven to stop and take a closer look, now a days with my camera. While visiting these properties, I keep an eye out for exposed rusty nails & snakes, both potentially hiding in the tall weeds and grass. Depending on the condition of the structure, it sometimes seems unsafe to go inside. Cautiously exploring each room, I try to imagine what it was like when someone actually lived in the house.

1st Floor, Second Entrance
1st Floor, Second Entrance

I suspect a lot of folks think of old house images as another photography cliche.  Perhaps they are, but when I fine an interesting abandoned house, I’ll usually stop to assess its visual potential.  Often, I’m not disappointed.  Weathered surface textures and interesting shapes, lines and pattern combine with the juxtaposition of man’s attempt to bring symmetry and order to the world with nature’s slow and steady reclamation over our futile attempts at permanency.

The images in this post are from my This Ole House Gallery and also part of the Beauty of Decay Collection. 1st Floor, Left Entrance was taken at an abandoned house just of Hwy 421 north of Sanford, NC.  The two doors, missing porch, crumbling deck above, and rear window all make for an interesting composition.

Decrepit Front Porch was taken at a decaying old house off of Sandy Ridge Rd. in High Point, NC.  Here the house is closer to crumbling, the decay much more intense.  The severely weathered wood is bowing, splintering or broken.  You get the sense this house could come crashing down at any moment.  In addition to the complex shapes, patterns and depth, I like contrasting vines in the foreground.

Both these images were processed to emulate Kodak Panatomic-X black & white negative film.  I have more pictures from this gallery to share in the coming weeks.  I would love to hear your comments about what you like and don’t like about these images.  From the main blog page, click on the blog post date to link to the blog’s commenting feature found at the bottom of the page.

Decrepit Front Porch
Decrepit Front Porch

2 thoughts on “This Ole House

  1. Nice job. The lines in the house; architectural, structural and vegetation seem to all add to the character not to be found in a new structure. It’s kind of like looking at a picture of beloved grandparent. You know there were many memories created there. Hopefully all good.


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