Blue Heron Sunset Silhouette

Last June I captured this beautiful creature at Ocean Isle Beach, NC on the last night of my vacation.  Typically, I’m not very found of these federally protected birds.  You see, back home in High Point, they occasionally visit my koi pond looking for an easy catch.  Earlier this week, I finally got around to spending time with this image — Blue Heron Silhouette.

Blue Heron Silhouette
Blue Heron Silhouette

During processing, I pushed the clarity and contrast to slightly abstract the image.  Though the result was pleasing, I felt more abstraction would be better on such a visually compelling image.  So the decision was made to further process the image in Alien Skin’s Snap Art software.

In the past I’ve favored the impasto oil painting effects.  However, for this image I did not want the thicker paint highlight effect, which can distract from the image when a small brush size is used along with shorter brush strokes.  Instead, I used a standard oil painting setting and modified the brush characteristics as mentioned above.  The smaller brush size also helps maintain enough detail of the original image, without needing to over do the photo-realism setting.

Blue Heron Silhouette Detail
Blue Heron Silhouette Detail

I’ve included a detail of the image so the brush work and canvas texture can be seen.  I was tempted several times to increase color saturation, but kept coming back to the current settings.  This specific heron is welcome around my house!

2 thoughts on “Blue Heron Sunset Silhouette

  1. Heron and egret photos are quite common with photographers in my circle. I am really impressed with this one though because it is so unique! That background works perfectly with your filter.


  2. Thanks Denise! I’m hoping to make promote this image to some of my interior designer friends. At some point, I’d also like to experiment more with abstracting photos with these types of filters. I’ll publish my techniques if I’m successful!


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