Taking Time to See the Beauty of Things

It’s often said, the simple things in life turn out to be the most meaningful.  Perhaps it’s not to much of a stretch to think about the beauty and visual interest to be found in a closeup of an old barn.  Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; but for me, the rich textures of the weathered barn wood and rusted tin make for a splendid composition.  How often do we miss opportunities to seek-out and appreciate the beauty found all around us?

Barn Wood & Tin Composition-EditEach time I process an image in Lightroom, I’m still amazed how just the right combination of adjustments can “make and average photo good, and good photo great”.   In this Barn Wood & Tin Composition image however, I did end up experimenting for quite a while with the Clarity, Tone Curve (contrast) and Color Luminance adjustments to get just the right tonality character.  Specifically reducing the luminance for red, along with some additional burning resulted in a satisfying texture on the piece of tin at the bottom of the image.  I used my usual Panatomic-X processing filter to get a little extra snap and analog grain in the image.

During the processing of this image in Lightroom, I felt a sense of anticipation & excitement as the final image began to reveal itself.  I was reminded of my years in a real Darkroom and the same feeling of anticipation as the image first reveal its prescribed potential when hanging up the role of film to dry after development.  And, later at the enlarger making decisions about dodging and burning, followed by the emergence of a final image as the photo-paper made its way through the trays of chemicals.  Things change over time, and yet in many ways, they stay the same (pardon the cliché).

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