Rural Towers

With increased agricultural production in the late 19th to early 20 centuries, the need to store and process local grain production led to the development and implementation of grain silos with internal grain elevators for transporting grain to the top of the structure.  Grain or other organic materials would fall through into the silo on top of existing grain and create layers of compressed material.  The grain silos in this image are typical of silos built in the first half of the 20th century.

Grain Silos at Jordan Farm
Grain Silos at Jordan Farm

In their hay day (pun intended), these huge structures surely towered over the local country side.  Today, they are a rusted old relic hidden behind a row of large cedar trees with a suburban shopping area on the other side.  In Lightroom, I removed all the colors except for orange and a hint of red & magenta. Next the image was processed in Exposure to emulate vintage Kodachrome film.  I really like the warmth from this 1960’s era Kodachrome filter and use it often in my “Beauty of Decay” collection from my portfolio site

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