Rustic Southern Barns

The first series of posts in this blog will be from one of my favorite portfolio galleries — Rustic Southern Barns.  Today’s post, also includes an image from Jordan Farm.  Just into an excursion inside one of the many barns on the farm, I found this fork & bucket.  It immediately made me feel like I had just missed the individual who left it there, perhaps upon completion of a recent chore.

Fork & Bucketin Barn Entrance
Hay Fork & Bucket in Barn Entrance

This simple but strong composition with the wood slightly converging lines of wood siding crossed perpendicularly by the fork, wood grain textures and empty bucket caught my eye.  During processing of the DNG image, I took care to retain just a slight bit of detail inside the bucket, outside the bucket and in the top corner of shadowed wood.  On both my Samsung S5 Super AMOLED and iPad Mini Retina, I was disappointed neither display held the detail inside the bucket.  A slight amount of burning was needed around the hay.

Thus far I’ve gravitated towards processing most of my black & white images with Alien Skin’s Exposure software Kodak Panatomic X film filter with a few modifications.  I push the processing setting about 1 stop to get just a little extra contrast and provide a small amount of boost in the darkest shadows.  As a fine grain b&w film, the Panatomic filter offers a subtle grain structure to give the photo a nice “analog” feel.  Back in the 80’s when I shot a lot of B&W film, it was mostly Tri-X and Plus-X.  Panatomic was too slow, more expensive and hard to find in 35mm.

I have several additional images with commentary from Jordan Farm & Rustic Southern Barns to share.  Please stay tuned and let me know if you have any questions about my techniques.

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